We offer binders used in the processing of nonwoven rolled goods manufactured from materials including polypropylene, polyester, nylon and glass.

Additives & Modifiers for Nonwovens Available Form % Non-Volatile Emulsifier Charge adhesion block resistance heat seal for binders

Hydrosize? PP2-01

(Nonionic polypropylene dispersion)

An APE-free sizing for fiberglass for LFT and carbon fiber with excellent bond strength.

Dispersion 38.5 - 41.0 Anionic / Nonionic    

Michem? Emulsion 91735

(Nonionic polypropylene emulsion)

A sizing polymer for fiberglass and other fibers used to reinforce polypropylene. It can also be used in paint & varnish and polish applications to impart durability, mar, slip and block resistance.

Emulsion 34.0 - 36.0 Anionic / Nonionic    

Michem? Emulsion 93135M

(Nonionic polyethylene emulsion)

A phenol and formaldehyde-free emulsion used in floor polish formulations for black heel mark resistance, toughness and buffability, mar, scuff, and chemical resistance. It is also suitable for sizing applications for chopped strand and continuous fiber.

Emulsion 34.5 - 35.5 Nonionic    

Michem? Lube 743P

(Nonionic paraffin wax emulsion)

Michem? Lube 743P exhibits a high degree of water resistance and is used in many water based coating applications to increase water resistance and/or surface slip.

Emulsion 31.5 - 32.5 Nonionic    

Michem? Prime 2960

(Copolymer dispersion)

Provides outstanding adhesion to both metallic and cellulosic substrates, and enhances the corrosion, water, grease, oil and solvent resistance of coatings and adhesives.

Specialty Dispersion 16.5 - 17.5 Ammoniated dispersion  

Michem? Prime 4983R

(Copolymer dispersion)

This dispersion provides outstanding adhesion to both metallic and cellulosic substrates and enhances the water, grease, oil, and solvent-resistance of coatings and adhesives. It can serve as a tie coat or primer for extrusion coatings, a foil laminate, specialty paper coating, paper sizing agent, heat sealable coating, and a nonwoven binder, and used as a thermally active binder in thermal transfer release coatings.

Specialty Dispersion 24.2 - 25.4 N/A    

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