Covid-19 Effect on Michelman Supply Chain

Note: This article was updated on April 6, 2020 to reflect new information.

Michelman continues to take a proactive approach with all aspects of our business as they relate to Covid-19. The safety and well-being of our employees and their families, customers, and suppliers remain our top priority. We’re providing regular communications to ensure safe working conditions and are focused on continuously improving our processes and procedures. 

We are considered an “essential business” due to our critical role in supporting several critical industries. As such, our operations remain open, and we are fulfilling customer orders as required according to standard lead times.  The only exception is in India, where the government implemented a full country 21 day shut down as of March 24. 

As previously noted, Michelman sources very few materials from any of the identified global hot spots, and we have been assured by suppliers that all is working as normal. And, while we recognize that there are growing concerns with the availability of ocean freight, we have not experienced any issues to date.  We are noticing a decrease in truck availability in certain regions. While this has not yet impacted orders, any additional lead time that can be provided is appreciated to help mitigate these challenges.
We have also taken steps to increase inventories of critical materials globally to address any potential challenges. We are also continuing to qualify products across our facilities so that we are not dependent upon any single location to serve you.

Our leadership teams remain in regular contact with our key suppliers in each region to assess the latest challenges and mitigate supply chain risks. Some markets, particularly those related to packaging for food and medical supplies, are tightening. We ask that our customers keep this in mind and manage their orders accordingly. Orders in hand will be given priority.

Michelman has implemented additional activities to ensure our ability to keep our facilities running. Additional sanitation activities at our locations have been implemented, we have segregated teams of workers and laboratory employees to minimize interaction, and have third parties engaged to provide immediate disinfection should any Michelman employee contract the virus.

Furthermore, while any non-operating third party visit is prohibited at our locations, we have also developed strict processes for inbound and outbound deliveries and continue to monitor those few external parties who need to come on-site for any symptoms.

Like most companies, Michelman is leveraging remote connectivity solutions for employees that are not directly associated with our physical operations. Most Sales and Administrative functions are being performed without any effect on our usual commercial channels. A back-up team is also in place as part of our contingency planning, in case we face some staffing reduction in the coming weeks. 

And, while our laboratories have scaled back to better comply with stay-at-home orders, our technical teams stand ready to react to any current issues that might arise to help our customers leverage Michelman solutions to develop even more robust products.

At this time there are no known major supply issues; however, we are working on back-up carriers or transportation means to ensure your deliveries are on time. Despite all our efforts, with the challenges the world is facing and the dramatic changes facing our supply chain, it is possible that we could experience issues in the delivery of our products. In these cases, our territory managers will stay in constant communication with our customers to find solutions and provide updates as conditions warrant.