High-Speed InkJet

Michelman's family of high-performance primers for inkjet are designed to improve print quality and ink adhesion on both film and paper substrates, including solutions for both pigmented water-based and UV inkjet printing applications.

Formulated Coatings for High-Speed InkJet adhesion Applicator - flexo / gravure/ roll glossy improved holdout reduced bleed Substrate - paper UV ink primer

DigiGuard? IJ 520

(Aqueous overprint coating for inkjet printed paper used in corrugated boxes.)

An aqueous overprint coating that protects and enhances the appearance of printed corrugated boxes. This innovative and unique coating is specifically formulated for inkjet presses to pre-print paper used in corrugated boxes and offers low odor, high gloss and hot mar resistance. DigiGuard? 520IJ is also receptive to hot melt and cold set glues for efficient process in sealing ends of boxes.


JetPrime? UV 100

(Primer for UV ink onto paper and opaque film substrate)

Provides improved adhesion and print quality when printing with UV Inkjet on coated, uncoated, and/or direct thermal paper substrates (particularly for wine labels) as well as for film substrates. This primer improves hold out, reduces bleed and mottle, and makes colors more vibrant.


JetPrime? WB 1100

(Water-based primer for inkjet)

Formulated for water-based inkjet inks for coated offset substrates, this water-based primer offers low coat weight, superior print quality and enhanced color gamut compared to unprimed sheets.


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