Food Service

The market for single-serve food containers continues to evolve to paper-based solutions such as folding cartons (aka folding boxboard), microflute corrugated trays, molded pulp, and many other structures. Michelman coating solutions provide oil and grease barrier and other key functionality for the safe and reliable use of paper in food service containers.

Formulated Coatings for Food Service grease & oil resistance heat seal MVTR release water resistance

Coating X300? AF

(Waterborne coating demonstrating excellent water hold out)

Provides high levels of water resistance and good moisture resistance for kraft paper. It protects food products from excessive moisture, freezer burn, and sticking. When diluted for mill application, it is an economical sizing agent. Gluability with hot melt adhesives is excellent, but cold set gluing is not recommended.


Michem? Bake 360

(Bakery barrier and release)

Michem? Bake 360 provides excellent barrier and release performance for bake-in applications of frozen or prepared foods. It is to be used as the topcoat in a double bump system that includes Michem? Coat 84 as the base coat. This system can be applied on kraft liner or folding carton stock.


Michem? Coat 40 Plus N

(Water resistant, gluable coating)

A water based coating designed to provide good water resistance to corrugated board. It is cold set gluable with most adhesives.


Michem? Coat 40HAFN

(Water resistant, cold set and hot melt gluable coating.)

A versatile water resistant coating which is gluable with a wide range of water based and hot melt adhesives.


Michem? Coat 51

(Oil and grease resistant, fluorocarbon free, coating)

An oil and grease resistant coating that also imparts good water resistance. It is printable and gluable with cold set and hot melt adhesives.


Michem? Coat 525

(Oil and grease resistant coating)

A functional coating, designed for maximum oil and grease performance, that is cold set gluable and approved for direct food contact. Also certified by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) as compostable, Michem? Coat 525 has a usage limit of 8% by dry weight of the final article for compostability.


Michem? Coat 55

(Fluorocarbon free, water and grease resistant coating)

An oil and grease resistant coating which also imparts good water resistance. It is printable and gluable with water based and hot melt adhesives.


Michem? Coat 95

(Water and grease resistant, heat sealable coating)

A good multi-purpose coating that provides excellent water, oil and grease resistance. This product is heat sealable and cold set gluable as well.


VaporCoat? 2200R

(MVTR, water and grease resistance coating)

A coating which provides water and grease resistance and excellent MVTR properties on kraft liner and other substrates. When properly applied over a base coat, this repulpable coating is recommended as a replacement for some curtain coating applications, poly-laminated board and plastic bags.


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